We are Edmonton’s local data recovery experts!

Has your computer crashed? External hard drive no longer reads? Unfortunately, with the complex nature of mechanical storage like hard drives, this can be a very common and formerly costly problem. But with Geeks On Whyte’s affordable data recovery packages, we can have your precious data back to you without breaking the bank!

Unlike most data recovery companies, our services are entirely performance based! That means you don’t pay unless we get your data, plain and simple.

We are able to recover data from Hard Drives, Flash Drives, Solid State Drives, and many other types of media. Your recovered files are stored on our secure server, after which we can transfer them to a working computer or external hard drive.

Unlike most Edmonton shops, we have access to a data clean room, allowing us to perform recoveries on drives requiring physical disassemble – this is most often the case with drives that have been dropped, or if your drive doesn’t make any noise and doesn’t seem to spin.


Directions for Data Recovery:

  1. As soon as you notice any issues with your drive (making grinding or clicking noises, telling you that the drive needs to be formatted, etc.) unplug it immediately!
  2. Bring your drive in to Geeks on Whyte – there is no appointment necessary, and we are open late on Weekdays. If you are bringing in an external hard drive, please only bring the drive itself, and not the cables.
  3. We will perform a free diagnosis on the drive to determine the cause of failure, and will provide you a flat rate quote and approximate timeline for recovery.