Geeks on Whyte can solve your virus issue!

Nowadays, it’s nearly impossible to keep your computer completely clean from viruses. With the number of websites serving up advertisements and the number of seemingly ‘free’ programs available online, a virus infection is inevitable.

The good news is that Geeks on Whyte is prepared to help with these issues! We understand how important your computer is to you, and that’s why we’ve developed our own tools to be able to offer lightning fast turnaround times for our cleanups – in most cases, under 48 hours!

But whats a good cleanup without protection afterwards? While no antivirus is 100% effective, we offer a free copy of our recommended antivirus software, Avast, and we’re so sure it will work good that if you have any viruses come back within 30 days, we’ll clean your computer again for free, no questions asked!

Having virus issues on your Mac or PC, laptop or desktop? Bring your system to Geeks on Whyte today, and let our technicians rid your system of its virus woes!